This is certainly unchartered waters for all of us, but life is about change and learning to adapt! It is my expectation that each student will exercise for a minimum of 90 minutes over the course of each five days that they are at home. Ideally, I’d like to see Activity Logs with 45 minutes/day, but I do understand that there will be plenty of academic work to be completed as well. I have provided a template for you to the right (Activity-Log-At-Home) which should make the recording piece very simple. Have your child attempt Activity Bingo (under Activity Log) as another way to fulfill their at-home Physical Education contact time! I have also added a link to Cosmic Kids Yoga for the younger grades (this is a lot of fun and there are a ton of episodes you can access on YouTube as well).

I understand how difficult this is going to be for some families, so do what you can and prioritize the workload with your child. With that said, however, taking breaks and moving around is essential to staying healthy and optimal learning!

Take care of yourselves during our little break from each other, and like my mom has said to me thousands of times, “This too shall pass!”