Kindergarten News: April 1-5

Kindergarten News

April 1-5

A Peek at the Week:

Religion: We will understand that God cares for us and all he has created.

Reading: We will orally complete sentences with rhyming words and delete final phonemes to make new words.

Math: We will understand tallest and shortest in terms of height. We will also classify objects by one attribute.

Social Studies: We will explain the differences in each season.

Science: We will recognize that the sun makes shadows and appears to move through the sky.

Second Step: We will learn that playing with others is a way to get to know them and inviting others to play is a caring thing to do.

High Frequency Word: then


**There will be Show and Tell this week on Friday. Have your child bring in his/her favorite book to tell about the main character.

** Please remember to bring in money and diapers for our diaper drive during Lent!

Weekly Calendar:

Monday, April 1

  • No homework this week!
  • Poem in my Pocket goes home and is due on Tuesday.

Tuesday, April 2

  • Mass (dress uniform)
  • Poem in my Pocket, The First Day of April, is due.