Kindergarten News: April 8-12

Kindergarten News

April 8-12

A Peek at the Week:

Religion: We will learn that Palm Sunday is the beginning of Holy Week and discuss God’s love for us.

Reading: We will blend words, extend sentences, and delete middle sounds to make new words.

Math: We will count and write addition equations and understand simple subtraction and the minus symbol.

Social Studies: We will compare different shelters of families from different parts of the world.

Science: We will explore the composition and uses of soil.

Second Step: We will understand that sharing, trading, and taking turns are fair ways to play.

High Frequency Word: when


**Permission slip and money for our spring field trip are due on Friday, April 12.

**Show and Tell this week on Friday. Have your child bring in one thing that is a sign of spring.

**Mark your calendars we have two important days coming up:

  1. Kindergarten Mass will be on Tuesday, April 30 at the 9:00am school mass.
  2. Kindergarten Spring Program will be on Thursday, May 16.

 Weekly Calendar:

Monday, April 8

  • Homework goes home and is due on Friday.
  • Poem in my Pocket goes home and is due on Tuesday.

Tuesday, April 9

  • Mass (dress uniform)
  • Poem in my Pocket, Making Choices, is due.

Friday, April 12

  • Homework due
  • Show and Tell