Kindergarten News March 11-15

Kindergarten News

March 11-15


A Peek at the Week:

Religion: We will learn that Lent is a time for preparing ourselves for the joy and new life, grace, of Easter.

Reading: We will learn the long vowel sound of e and learn how to attach long e to letter e. We will also blend words with long e.

Math: We will use red and white beans to add numbers to 8, 9, and 10.

Social Studies: We will compare different land formations and learn that a map is a picture of a real place as seen from above.

Science: We will identify what occurs in nature and what people do in different seasons.

Second Step: We will learn that the first step in solving problems is to use words and describe the problem.


High-Frequency Word: be & she



**No Show and Tell this week.

**Look for report cards coming home on Tuesday, March 12!

**Spring Break: March 25-March 29. There is an 11:30 dismissal on Friday, March 22. School will resume on Monday, April 1.


Weekly Calendar:

Monday, March 11

  • Homework goes home and is due on Friday.
  • Poem in my Pocket goes home and is due on Tuesday.

Tuesday, March 12

  • Mass (dress uniform)
  • Poem in my Pocket, The Leprechaun’s are Marching, is due.

Friday, March 15

  • Homework is due.

Star Attraction: