Kindergarten News May 6-10

Kindergarten News

May 6-10


A Peek at the Week:

Religion: We will understand that Jesus gave Mary to us as our mother. She loves and cares for us. We should pray to her every day.

Reading: We will match initial phonemes to make new words, add final phonemes to make new words, blend words and extend sentences.

Math: We will review coins and their value.

Social Studies: We will explain why people save money.

Science: We will learn about wind and tornadoes.

Second Step: We will learn that if someone calls you a name, you can ignore the person or respond assertively.


High-Frequency Word: review



**No more homework packets and no more Show and Tell days.

**Our Kindergarten Program is Thursday, May 16 at 9:00 am in the school gym! Please join us afterward for cookies in our classroom!


Weekly Calendar:

Monday, May 6

  • Poem in my Pocket goes home and is due on Tuesday.

Tuesday, May 7

  • Mass (dress uniform).
  • Poems in my Pocket, Mary’s Song and Mother’s Day, are due.


Star Attraction: