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Liz Samson

Welcome to middle school math:

This is my fourth year at STM. I could not feel more blessed to be here. I consider myself to be a math enthusiast. I am excited to share my passion for mathematics and learning with my students. This year will be centered on ensuring that all of my students have the prerequisite skills necessary for successful completion of mathematics courses through middle school.

They will be exposed to a variety of problem-solving techniques and strategies that encourage them to make connections between math and their everyday life. I strive for my students to develop a sense of curiosity that will deepen their appreciation and understanding of mathematics.

I teach six different sections of math that span throughout all three grade levels in the middle school. You can reach me at





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Using our online textbook

Our math series offers an online copy of the textbook that everyone can access without an account. Click here for the link.


2019-2020 syllabus

Summer Solution Rubric

Summer Solutions Rubric

Summer Solutions

Ordering Summer Solutions books Summer Solution books can be purchased at STM is using the original summer solutions mathematicsbooks. Do not purchase the common core summer solutions.   If your child has just completed kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, or 4thgrade, choose the level of the grade just completed. For example, if your child just finished Read More

How to program the quadratic formula into your graphing calc.

Here is the link we used in class to program the quadratic formula into our graphing calculators.

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