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Peel's Post!

Hi All!

I will be posting a summary of your week here; as always, documents, lessons, explanations etc., will be on google classroom every morning at 8:00 am.

7th Grade language Arts

-3/30: Family time to review updates in DL from Mrs. DeWolfe

03/31:  Unit 8 Vocab. test.  Begin IXL K.5

04/1:  Finish IXL K.5.  Read “Terrible Things” and define allegory

04/02–04/03  Listen to Elie Weisel's speech "The Perils of Indifference. Begin analytical writing               about author's purpose.

My 7th grade office hours this week will be Tuesday and Thursday from 10:30–11:00 am. If you have any questions, please visit with me during that time. The Zoom URL will be posted on google classroom.  Office hours are like study hall times–they do NOT take the place of our classroom work!

Have a wonderful week!  You are in my prayers!

8th Grade Language Arts and Literature

**Reminder: You will need To Kill a Mockingbird next week**

-3/30--04/02 2020

03/30: Family day to review updates on DL per information sent from Mrs. DeWolfe and your team.

03/31: Vocab. Unit 8 test; English: notes and practice on Perfect Tenses of verbs; Literature: Anthem quiz over chapters 1-6, read chapter 7.

04/01  Vocabulary: Anthem words Unit 1.  English:  Verbs practice; Literature: Anthem chpt. 8 and mythology (Narcissus and Echo)

04/02--03: Vocab. Anthem words Unit 2. English+Literature; logical reasoning and fallacies. Anthem chapters 9-10.

My office hours this week for 8th grade will be as follows:

8B Tuesday and Thursday from 1:00--1:30 pm

8P Tuesday and Thursday from 1:30--2:00 pm

If you have questions about literature or language arts, please visit with me via Zoom during your assigned class time. The Zoom URL will be posted on google classroom. Office hours are just like study hall times, so drop in if you need help etc.

I wish you a wonderful week! You are all in my prayers!


March 26:  Enjoy the sunshine today! I enjoyed seeing 8th graders yesterday and look forward to doing the same next week with 7th grade! Please go to google classroom for today's work; not that much of it extends across Friday and Monday. Have a great long weekend--talk with you Tuesday, 03/31.

March 25: Happy Wednesday! We meet together as a school today to pray the Rosary at 9:00 am. Please check your FlockNotes for the QR code to join. Assignments continue to be posted on google classroom. Have a wonderful day!

March 24:  Good morning! Assignments are on google classroom. For some of you, you are continuing on with work you have already started! Please do not worry if there is nothing to be turned in on a particular day--I will let you know what and when work is due!  Miss everyone! Keep smiling!

March 23: Happy Monday! I hope you enjoyed family time this past weekend. Here we go for the second week of distance learning! All assignments are posted on google classrooms at 8:00 am.  Please email me if you have questions/concerns/comments. Blessing for a wonderful week.

March 20:  What a beautiful snow! Happy Friday to all. On google classrooms you will see I have posted my first video--more to come!  Have a wonderful weekend and see you Monday.

March 19: Happy first day of spring!  Please go to google classrooms for assignments.

March 18:  Seems like yesterday went smoothly. All work is on google classroom--due dates are posted there as well.  If you have any questions, please let me know!

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  Great day to begin distance learning!

Assignments are posted on Google classrooms. Some clarifications:

  1. 8th grade vocab/spelling/English is in one classroom titled Lang Arts
  2. Even if a student is not "turning in" an assignment for a class, the work must be done and parent verified on the document sheet.
  3. Any questions, please email me!

Thank you so much!

Ms. Peel


Dear Parents and Students,

To simplify the online process so you do not have to scroll through previous blog entries, I will begin posting our daily distance learning blogs at the start of the current page.

Please read my letter below directing students to join my Google Classrooms and providing contact information during the upcoming weeks.

March 16,  2020

Dear Parents,

In response to the directive for social distancing, the lessons for 7th grade language arts and 8th grade literature and language arts plus spelling/vocabulary for both grades will be provided through Google Classroom. Please have your student log in to his/her Google account daily to access these assignments.  A reminder about accessing Google Classroom will also be on my blog. Lessons and any blog updates will be posted by 8:00 am each morning.

Students may email me at elizabethp@sttthomasmore.org for any clarification. I will be available via email throughout the school day and early evening.  Information about grading (completion/content/accuracy etc.) will be provided per assignment as needed.

Daily assignments are designed to provide skill practice, to review, to apply learning,  and to move forward in our curriculum. Listed below are the books/materials needed for this distance learning:

7th Grade Language Arts/Spelling &Vocabulary:

  • Vocabulary book
  • Theme worksheet
  • Literature book (signed out from Mrs. Basile)
  • Your binder with your class notes (writing and grammar)
  • Access to the internet and computer

*Assignments should take approximately 30 mins to complete each day

8th Grade Language Arts/Spelling &Vocabulary and Literature

  • Vocabulary book
  • Writer’s Handbook
  • Anthem (checked out from Ms. Peel if you do not own a copy)
  • Novel guide for Anthem
  • Anticipation guide for Anthem
  • Independent reading book(s) and log
  • Access to the internet and computer

*Assignments will vary in time parameters and may be assigned across days.

It is my prayer that we are all back together in a timely, healthy manner! I will miss being with each of my students every day.

In prayer and with hope,

Ms. Peel


Welcome to 8th grade Language Arts and Literature and 7th Grade Language Arts for the 2019-2020 Academic Year!

I hope you had a relaxing, rewarding summer and are ready for an exciting year here at STM--I am thrilled to be back with each and every one of you for a faith-filled, learning adventure!

I am Ms. Peel and I am honored to be your English teacher this year.  This is my fifth year at St. Thomas More Catholic School and my 31st year in education. My experience in a variety of districts has allowed me to work with a diverse body of students and has fostered in me an appreciation for different cultures and perspectives. To sum up my educational philosophy, I believe that each student has the ability to learn, achieve and meet individual goals and expectations; at STM, these expectations and goals are rooted in faith and tradition. As I begin the year, I am excited to get to know each of my students and to work with each one so that all of my students have a satisfying spiritual, academic and personal experience.

On a personal note, when I am not preparing for school, I enjoy reading, exercising, and traveling. I am married and have three grown sons, one of whom serves in the military, and one BIG dog. This summer I became a GRANDMA and am enjoying the God-given gift of my grandson Peyton.

Please feel free to contact me (email is best!) if you have any questions or concerns.

--Ms. Peel


General Postings:


Your child has received information on a new program we are implementing as part of our Religion curriculum called Raise Them Strong.  Please take time to review it.  Family homework assignments will be sent home starting next week.  The letter is attached as a file below.


Your child has received the second Raise Them Strong family homework assignment.  This is due October 29th.  The link for this assignment can be found under “helpful links”.


The third Raise them Strong homework assignment is due by 11/12/19


Our school Thanksgiving mass will be on 11/19.

7th graders are asked to bring grapefruit and 8th graders are asked to bring sweet potatoes. We hope parents can join us at this mass!


Dear Parents,

If you are a new family or an existing family and you are unfamiliar with FIAT (Faith in Action Together) we thought we would re-introduce it to you. FIAT is a ministry focused on building community by helping to increase our relationships with Jesus and His Church through faith and action activities.  One component of FIAT is "Angels Among Us".  The goal of “Angels Among Us” is to help families, staff and clergy in times of need, whether it be the birth of a baby, death of a loved one, or any other situation requiring extra support. This need can be kept anonymous and your family can work directly with your teacher, a member of admin, Mrs. Poniatowski or whomever you are most comfortable. You can also work directly with your grade level volunteer ‘Angel’. We are here to help so whatever works best for your family.

Our STM Catholic community is here to support and encourage one another. You can ask for help with meals, gift cards (for groceries, gas, restaurants, etc.), carpool help, prayers or any other type of assistance.

If you have any questions or concerns feel free to reach out to Jan Ahern, Angela Haubert or the chair of Angels Among Us, Melanie Lauer.

God Bless,

The FIAT Committee (Posted 10/19/19)

Advent by Candlelight will be held Monday, November 18th, at 6:00 pm, starting in McCallin Hall.  It is a wonderful evening of faith and fellowship, to help prepare us for the Advent Season.  Please join us for food and drinks, adoration with Fr. Riley, and fantastic guest speakers.  To register or to host a table, please go to the following link.



Please read the following regarding Halloween:

Halloween Guidelines

Next Thursday, October 31, children are allowed to bring their Halloween costumes to school and change into them in the afternoon before the Halloween parade and class party!! Please follow the list of school-wide guidelines below when selecting a costume for school.

  • Costumes need to fit over uniforms.
  • No witch costumes.
  • No devil costumes.
  • No weapons.
  • No visible underwear.
  • Skirt and/or short length must be no more than 2 inches above the knee.
  • No masks or face paint (this is a safety thing, we need to see the faces of every child).
  • Nothing political.
  • Nothing ethically insensitive.
  • Child must be able to walk in it.

From Mrs. Poniatowski:


Middle school parents please mark your calendars for Tuesday, January  27, 2020 at 6:00 PM in St. Francis Hall.  Alex Yannacone from the CU Johnson Depression Center will provide training and discuss skills and strategies for building resiliency, creating manageable goals, self-care, and mindfulness exercises. Barriers and obstacles will be identified, as well as how to obtain resources and supports. This session will incorporate story-telling and small group collaboration and discussions.  All STM middle school students will participate in a student version of the training on Wednesday, January 22, 2020 during the school day.  These training and discussion sessions are intended to reinforce the information we have been sharing through Raise Them Strong.  We look forward to seeing you on January 7th!

CSW Reminder!  Please bring in your fleece contribution--we will be making blankets as our service project during CSW. Turn in fleece to your home base teacher.





8th Grade Literature/Language Arts Blog

Parents:  Second trimester report cards will be posted and available on line on Wednesday, Feb. 26 at 3:00 pm.

With the beginning of Lent comes the start of our annual Diaper Drive!  Please give generously to this valuable cause!


Happy 2020 to all!


We have started reading Moon Over Manifest in literature; students are practicing annotating skills and evaluating the novel as historical fiction and mystery.

In vocabulary, students will take Mastery Test 2 over units 4-5-6 on 01/24.  Our next vocabulary unit will come from Moon Over Manifest.


I hope you all had a blessed Christmas break! We are off to the second half of second trimester!

8th graders are in the middle of Unit 6 in vocabulary and finishing studying verbals in grammar.  In literature we are considering theme and purpose in "Flowers for Algernon."  Next up: Moon Over Manifest by Clare Vanderpool.

***I have been very busy completing high school recommendations for students.  If you have not asked me for one and plan to, please do this ASAP!  I will have them all finished before Thanksgiving break!


We have started vocabulary unit 5 and are continuing our study of dependent clauses.

In literature we are finishing a short story unit; our final assessment will be a compare/contrast essay.


We will begin out short story unit after completing MND.  Vocabulary Mastery Test 1 covering units 1-2-3 is on 10/17.

The High School Test Prep Class begins 10/15.


Permission slips for DCPA are due on 10/2/2019.

Students will be taking the high school practice test on 10/7/2019.

Students have been assigned their vocabulary books and are studying unit 1 words.
We are wrapping up our analysis of Adventures of Huckelberry Finn with an analytical paragraph of theme and satire.
Next up: Shakespeare's A Midsummer's Night Dream!
In grammar, we have reviewed parts of speech in anticipation of starting our first unit on the functions of noun clauses.


Students are now set up on IXL; practice will be assigned for language arts skills per unit. The first skill practiced in class was on MLA formatting for internal/parenthetical citations.


8th graders had a wonderful retreat experience last week--it was a pleasure to be a part of it with them!

Literature: Please have your copy of Midsummer Night's Dream in class on 9/10.


7th Grade Language Arts Blog


Parents: Second trimester report cards will be posted and available online on Wednesday, Feb. 26 at 3:00 p.m.

With Lent starting, so is our annual Diaper Drive!  Please give generously to support this valuable cause!



In writing we are reviewing punctuation as it applies to dialogue and writing conversations.

Vocabulary Mastery Test 2 over units 4-5-6 will be on 01/24.  Our next vocabulary unit will come from literature class.

Happy 2020 to All!


7  graders are in the middle of Vocabulary Unit 6 and finishing up a grammar unit on using pronouns correctly. In writing they are revising their definition essays and writing final drafts.


We are in unit 5 of vocabulary right now.

In writing, we are working on another article summary. All writing now includes correct use of conjunctions and conjunctive adverbs as transitions.

In grammar we will be focusing on pronouns and agreement.


We have started our unit on using conjunctions and conjunctive adverbs in writing. Vocabulary Mastery Test 1 covering units 1-2-3 will be on 10/17/19/


Students are completing Unit 3 of vocabulary and are working on sentence combining and summarizing in writing.


Students have been assigned their vocabulary books and are studying unit 1 words.

We have been reviewing sentence structure and the differences between phrases and clauses.

In writing, students have written a personal letter and will be writing business letters next.

Students are now set up on IXL;practice skills will be assigned per unit.


Students are now in the midst of writing business letters to companies asking for items for a service project for the homeless.

We will begin Unit 2 vocabulary this week.

IMPORTANT! September 16--20 marks the kick-off for Mane Event!  Please bring in donations for Christ in the City this week and check out the other daily events happening to make this a wonderful Mane Event!


My Blog

8th Grade Lit/Lang Art Mar 30–April 3

Hi All! I will be posting a summary of your week here; as always, documents, lessons, explanations etc., will be on google classroom every morning at 8:00 am. **Reminder: You will need To Kill a Mockingbird next week** 03/30: Family day to review updates on DL per information sent from Mrs. DeWolfe and your team. Read More

7th Lang. Arts/Vocab. March 30–April 3

Hi All, I will be posting a summary of your weekly work here; all directions and documents will be on google classroom as they have been for the past 2 weeks. -3/30: Family time to review updates in DL from Mrs. DeWolfe 03/31:  Unit 8 Vocab. test.  Begin IXL K.5 04/1:  Finish IXL K.5.  Read Read More

8th Grade Literature Reminder

Reminder to all 8th graders that we will begin To Kill a Mockingbird the week of April 6.   You should have your own copy, but just in case you did not order one through Edukits, be sure to purchase one/find one. Barnes and Noble has plenty of copies in stock.  Thank you!

Ms.Elizabeth (Liz)Peel

M.A Secondary English Education, Univ. of South Florida

B.A English, Furman University

30 years of secondary teaching in Florida, North Carolina, and Colorado

Graduate of Catholic education, grades 6-12.

Teaches: 8th grade language arts and literature; 7th grade language arts

Co-sponsors BETA Club.
Facilitator: Peer Mediators