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Eric Dahn

Welcome to STM Catholic! This is my twenty-third year of teaching at St. Thomas More Catholic School and my twenty-sixth overall. Along with teaching physical education, I also serve as the school's athletic director for sports offered to all fifth through eighth graders.

In physical education class, the students will work on improving their throwing, kicking, catching, running and dodging skills, balance, and cooperation through a wide variety of games and activities. Each and every day I stress the importance of following the rules of games and being good teammates/classmates by demonstrating good sportsmanship in everything that we do during class. As well as developing and honing skills through game-play and activities, the students will also have a fitness day mixed in where the emphasis is on cardiovascular endurance (15-Minute Run and PACER-Progressive Aerobic Cardiovascular Endurance Run) or muscle strength/endurance (Fitness Stations). I look forward to sharing my passion and enthusiasm for sports and general fitness with your children, and hope to motivate all to greater heights!


Sports are available for all 5th-8th graders. Widget basketball and volleyball is also available, but teams must be organized by parents.

Fall: Cross Country and Flag Football (boys and girls)

Winter: Basketball (boys and girls)

Spring: Baseball (boys)  Volleyball (girls)

Go to to register. Payment of $85/student/sport is payable to STM Catholic, and can be turned in to the main office.


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Field Day Documents

Good Morning Everyone! I’ve added the Field Day documents in case you need them today. Have a great day with your child/ren and family; I’ll be doing the activities with my 2nd grade son as well (-:


After discussing with Mrs. DeWolfe, it has been decided that your individual sign-off sheet will be sufficient for recording your child/ren’s physical activity! Thank you for understanding and hopefully this will be one less thing for you to worry about.

25 Ways To Get Moving 3/31/20

Happy Tuesday! Here is another good template for moving and grooving. It provides a framework for an entire “routine” or you can use them as short brain breaks while studying/working on assignments. I am going to use the spelling practice ones with my own son today (#s 20 and 24), along with a little Hokey Read More


A very warm and healthy “hello!” goes out to all of my students! I cannot tell you how much I miss our time together in the gym exercising and playing games. I miss interacting with all of you and I truly miss the smiles and laughter that I get each and every day at school. Read More

Good Morning Everyone! Breathe in…breathe out…

Good morning and Happy Monday! to all. This is a very relaxing way to get kids (and ourselves) calmed down before bedtime. We (oh my lucky family!) did each “pose” a few times in order to get more breathing and stretching in, which really made us mindful of our breaths and purposeful stretching. IF you Read More

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Eric Dahn

B.S., Elementary Education, Northern Arizona University Appointed: 1998