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Kira Weiland

Welcome to 6th Grade Social Studies and 6th & 7th Grade Religion!

This year in 6th grade, we will embark on an exciting journey back in time to see the start of man's history, take a look into the pyramids and the mythical creatures of Greece and Rome. We will cover over 1,000 years in world history, experience many different cultures while also learning about the formation of major world religions. This will be a year to remember in history.

In 6th grade religion, we will spend time this year journeying through the Old Testament. We will begin the year with social justice and then dive into the creation stories and then work through the rest of the Pentateuch onto the Historical Books, touching on the Wisdom and Prophetic Books. We will also spend time talking about how the sacraments are prefigured in the Old Testament. It will be a year to grow in our faith and love of the Lord!

For 7th grade, we will learn more about the sacraments and study the New Testament in depth. We will also participate in multiple service projects.

I look forward to getting to know each of you this school year!

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Schoolwide Service Project

For the next five weeks, the entire school will be collecting items for those in need as a Thanksgiving/Christmas Project: -6th, 3rd Grade, and Kindergarten students will be collecting items for the elderly at Holy Family Plaza and St. Martin Plaza. Holy Family and St. Martin’a are asking for gift cards, candies, Chapstick, socks, lotions, Read More

Raise Them Strong #3

Here is the video link for the Raise Them Strong homework assignment due on November 12th.

Raise them Strong #2

Here is the link for the second Raise them Strong assignment.

Classroom Visit

We have been so blessed to have the presence of Seminarian Ryan, Deacon CJ, Father Riley and Father John in class so far this year. Later this month, Monsignor will be joining us to answer questions about faith. Seminarian Ryan came with the 6th graders to Outdoor Lab as well as on our Focus 11 Read More

Fiat: Parents in Prayer

This morning the members of Fiat will be specifically praying for the intentions of the 6th graders. We so greatly appreciate the students being lifted up in prayer by members of our school community. Thank you Fiat for your prayers!  

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Kira Weiland

B.A., Behavioral Science with a minor in Elementary Education, Metropolitan State University of Denver

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