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Pattie Wilcox

My name is Pattie Wilcox. I am one of the kindergarten teachers at St. Thomas More. I grew up in ND and taught kindergarten and fourth grade at Nativity School in Fargo, ND before moving to Colorado. Since arriving in the Denver area, I taught pre-kindergarten and preschool at the Willows Learning Center in Englewood and fourth grade at St. Mary's Academy in Denver and then joined the team that started St. Thomas More School in 1994.

We are so blessed you're committed to send your child to St. Thomas More. This is an exciting time for your child as he/she enters kindergarten. I will strive to guide them to find the joy of learning, the abundance of God's love for them, and pride in doing their personal best. Our classroom will nurture a feeling of responsibility and respect for all. The skills we practice daily in kindergarten are building blocks for their future success in school and life. Together we can make this a wonderful school year for them and help them reach every goal they have.

I will keep you informed through my blog and resource links on the STM website. Please feel free to email me at (link sends e-mail) with any questions or concerns. I look forward to a wonderful school year!

My Blog

Letter for Distance Learning

Dear Kindergarten Parents, Attached to this letter is a two-week distance-learning plan for your child to complete during our time away from school. Please follow the plan as best as you can. This is NOT meant to be completed in a few days, but rather work on each day we are not in school. It Read More

Distance Learning Plan Week of 3-16

Distance Learning Plan: Week of 3/16: Reading: Monday: complete workbook pages 71-72, blending words to complete a sentence. Begin reading decodable #20 Nat Ran Worksheet Parts of a Book Tuesday: Complete workbook page 75 read decodable #20 Nat Ran Worksheet Read and Sequence: A Pot of Gold Wednesday: Complete worksheet pages 76 read decodable #20 Read More

Distance Learning Plan Week of 3-23

Distance Learning Plan: Week of 3/23 Reading: Monday: Complete workbook pages 79-80 Begin reading decodable #21 Big Meg Can Help Complete worksheet-Nouns Tuesday: Complete workbook page 83 Read decodable #21 Big Meg Can Help Wednesday: Complete workbook page 84 Read decodable #21 Big Meg Can Help Complete worksheet- I Can Make CVCe (long a & Read More

Kindergarten News March 9-13

Kindergarten News March 9-13   A Peek at the Week: Religion: We will learn about the Stations of the Cross. Reading: We will review short and long vowels Aa, Oo, Uu. We will also practice decoding words with short and long vowels. Math: We will use red and white beans to add numbers to 8, Read More

Kindergarten News March 2-6

Kindergarten News March 2-6   A Peek at the Week: Religion: We will learn that we believe in God, trust God and we love God. Reading: We will learn the long vowel sound of e and learn how to attach long e to letter e. We will also blend words with long e. Math: We Read More

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