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Sarah McMahon

Welcome to Kindergarten! I am very happy to have your child in my class. I am looking forward to a fantastic year!

My teaching philosophy centers around the individual child who is unique and special. I believe that a quality education prepares students for success in their present and future endeavors, that learning thrives in a safe and caring environment, and that a quality education provides students with varied learning tools and opportunities to become successful learners. I will keep you informed about our class through weekly blogs on this site. Please feel free to email me at with any questions or concerns. I will reply to you via email or voicemail within 24 hours. I look forward to a wonderful school year!

Mrs. McMahon

My Blog

Distance Learning Parent Letter

Dear Kindergarten Parents, On Monday, March 16 you will receive a two-week distance-learning plan for your child to complete during our time away from school. Please follow the plan as best as you can. This is NOT meant to be completed in a few days, but rather to work on each day we are not Read More

Distance Learning Week of March 16

Distance Learning Plan:  Week of 3/16:  Reading: Monday: complete workbook pages 71-72, blending words to complete a sentence. Begin reading decodable #20 Nat Ran Worksheet Parts of a Book Tuesday: Complete workbook page 75 read decodable #20 Nat Ran Worksheet Read and Sequence: A Pot of Gold Wednesday: Complete worksheet pages 76 read decodable #20 Read More

Distance Learning Week of March 23

Distance Learning Plan:   Week of 3/23 Reading: Monday: Complete workbook pages 79-80 Begin reading decodable #21 Big Meg Can Help Complete worksheet-Nouns Tuesday: Complete workbook page 83 Read decodable #21 Big Meg Can Help Wednesday: Complete workbook page 84 Read decodable #21 Big Meg Can Help Complete worksheet- I Can Make CVCe (long a Read More

Kindergarten News: March 9-13

Kindergarten News March 9-13 A Peek at the Week: Religion: We will learn about the Stations of the Cross. Reading: We will review short and long vowels Aa, Oo, Uu. We will also practice decoding words with short and long vowels. Math: We will use red and white beans to add numbers to 8, 9, Read More

Kindergarten News: March 2-6

Kindergarten News March 2-6 A Peek at the Week: Religion: We will learn that we believe in God, trust God and we love God. Reading: We will learn the long vowel sound of e and learn how to attach long e to letter e. We will also blend words with long e. Math: We will Read More

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