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Sarah McMahon

Welcome to Kindergarten! I am very happy to have your child in my class. This will be a great year!

My teaching philosophy centers around the individual child who is unique and special. I believe that a quality education prepares students for success in their present and future endeavors, that learning thrives in a safe and caring environment, and that a quality education provides students with varied learning tools and opportunities to become successful learners.I will keep you informed about our class through weekly blogs on this site. Please feel free to email me at with any questions or concerns. I will reply to you via email or voicemail within 24 hours. I look forward to a wonderful school year!

Mrs. McMahon

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Kindergarten News: February 18-22

Kindergarten News February 18-22 A Peek at the Week: Religion: We will learn that when we do something kind for someone in need, we are doing that kindness to Jesus. Reading: We will learn the long i sound; listen for initial and medial long i, and blend phonemes to make words. Math: We will compose Read More

Spring Conference Sign Up

Please click on the link below if you want to schedule a conference! I look forward to meeting with you! Mrs. McMahon  

Kindergarten News: February 11-15

Kindergarten News February 11-15 A Peek at the Week: Religion: We will learn that Jesus asks all people to follow him and to teach others about him. Reading: We will learn the long a sound, listen for initial and medial long a, and blend phonemes to make words. Math: We will compose and decompose numbers Read More

Kindergarten News: February 4-8

Kindergarten News February 4-8 A Peek at the Week: Religion: We will understand that Jesus, God the Son, performed many miracles. Reading: We will learn the letters and sounds of Vv and Yy. Math: We will learn to count back using fingers and other representations. Social Studies: We will learn the importance of American symbols. Read More

Kindergarten News: January 28-February 1

Kindergarten News January 28-February 1 Catholic Schools Week  A Peek at the Week: Religion: We will learn that Jesus is God the Son made man. Reading: We will learn the letters and sounds of Ee and Qq. Math: We will order numbers to 1-10 and count using one to one correspondence. Social Studies: We will Read More

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What do plants need to survive?

Kindergarten tested what plants need to survive. We saw that our bean plant thrived with sunlight and water!

Plants need water and light.

We watched how water moves up through the stem of celery and then we planted some to watch it grow with water and light.

Apple Oxidation Experiment

Kindergarten experimented to see what happens if an apple is left in the air, put in water, put in milk, or put in lemon juice.

Church Tour

Thank you, Fr. Greg, for guiding us on a tour of the Church! We learned a lot!

Field Trip to Anderson Farms

We had a great time on our fall field trip! We got to pick our own pumpkins, visit the farm animals, and ride the farm rides! The weather was beautiful!

Exploring Animal Bones

Kindergarten is experimenting what happens if we put chicken bones in water, milk, vinegar, and soda pop. Will they get soft and brittle or will they stay strong? How can we care for our bones? After exploring the bones and placing them in the liquid, we enjoyed a song and dance to Dem Bones!

Happy Halloween

Thank you parents for a fantastic Halloween party! We all had so much fun!

Making Butter!

In this experiment students learned how to turn liquid cream into a solid. Each table group took turns shaking a jar of cream until it became a solid. The students then got to taste their butter by spreading it on corn bread! What a tasty science experiment!

How artic animals stay warm

We finished our animal unit by making "blubber mits" to put our hands in and place them in cold "arctic" ice to see how animals stay warm. The blubber helped our hands stay warmer than the one just in the ice. We also compared the size of our hand to a polar bear paw. WOW, they have big paws!

Happy Veterans Day!

Thank you to Holly's uncle for coming in and talking to us about Veterans Day!

Native American Day

Kindergarten celebrated their Native American Day by making buffalo rugs, beating pattern on their drums, earning beads for a bracelet, playing Hubbub (a Native American game), and fishing! We enjoyed a video, The Mayflower Voyagers while enjoying a popcorn treat! What a fun day!

Sarah McMahon

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